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Hello, everyone! You must be very familiar with this language, right? That is English. Well, here I want to explain and invite you all to learn about this language.


English is the most widely spoken language in the world. So, it's no wonder why now English has become an International Language that is used by many people around the world. Especially in a modern and very sophisticated era like today. We should not leave behind just because we aren't fluent in this international language. So, that we are ready and able to keep up with globalization. Surely, many Indonesian people right now that already use English as their daily language.

Even if we use English, it doesn't change our status as Indonesian citizens who love our homeland and our language. There must be a lot of people who get this kind of talk from other people, like "jangan sok berbicara Bahasa inggris" or "ngapain si pakai Bahasa inggris kayak tidak cinta tanah air saja" when we use English. If you hear or get a saying like that, just let it be and be yourself.

English is also very important in our lives and also the future. English will highly contribute to the development of this country, starting from the social environment, technological innovation, the development of free trade, and many foreign companies that have been established in Indonesia. Make us must use the international language.

So, what are our advantages if we learn English as our investment in the present and the future? Of course, there are many advantages that we can get when we are fluent in this language and all of the advantages must be very useful for us! Here is why English has become so profitable.

1. Preparation for Education

Those of you who want to study in your homeland or abroad will need good English skills. Using English will add value to your abilities. Even right now, many universities in Indonesia use English as a conversation for classes or textbooks.

2. Work and Career Opportunities

If you are fluent in English, this will be your 'golden key’ as a potential investment in creating job opportunities. You can easily get your dream job at a big company. Especially if you want to get a job around the world.

3. Communication Across Languages and Cultures

You will find English wherever or with whomever you are. Even in Indonesia, at least you can meet someone with different cultures and language backgrounds or when you study abroad and meet new friends. Surely English will be the unifier of your communication.

4. Expand Your Knowledge

very clear that English will highly increase our knowledge and innovate us. By understanding English, you can learn and absorb knowledge easily from any learning media at any time.

5. Comfortable at Traveling

Who is here that likes to travel and has a dream of traveling around the world? I hope it comes true. Keeps trying and never give up! If you are fluent in English, it is easy for you to communicate with residents in the country you are visiting. Because you need it from the moment you are at the airport until you go back to your country.

We can also use English wherever and whenever we are. Even though we only understand the basics. Like, we can talk to our friends, use it at home with family, talking to our work colleagues, read books or watch movies, listen to some music, join a debate club and practice English.

Those are some of the benefits if we are fluent in the international language, which is English. After I have explained the benefits, now I want to tell you how to learn English in a fun way and not a boring way. Keep on following my article.

Here I'll give you some tips on how to master the English language in a fun way and not in a boring way in my version.

1. Through Music

Through using Music, we can digest and understand the content of each song's lyrics, so we don't just sing a song, but we can also more understand and enjoy the song's.

2. Watch English Movies

Watching an English movies is more exciting. Because we can see the visuals of the movies that make us not bored. By changing and reading the English subtitles, we can better understand the speech and intonation of how we pronounce it correctly. So, we not only watch movies but also learn too.

3. Reading English Literature

We can also learn through reading English books that we like, like novels, comics, or digital stories. You can read it carefully until you understand.

4. Talk to the Family at Home in English

So, if you do this. You don't have to be ashamed if you make any mistakes in pronouncing English words. Speak as much as possible until you are very fluent. It is okay if you are mispronouncing it around the family, but then when you are fluent in English, you will be very confident in speaking in front of your friends or people that you don't know.

5. Use the Language Practice App

Using the language practice application is also fun. We can practice English like we are playing a game on a cellphone. We will also be informed what each word means and how to spell and pronounce it correctly.

Well, those are some tips that we can use to learn English in a fun way and not a boring way, according to my version. How did you all learn English? Is it the same as me or a different way with me? If different, let us know what tips that you have. So, we can move forward together.

If you want to learn English, you have to study hard and earnestly. Because there is no instant process, but we have to achieve that through many and quite difficult processes. That makes us more understanding and makes us more respectful of each process that we do. And that is the same as when we live life to achieve the success and other goals we want to have. It all depends on yourself whether you want to take a step or not, and you have to believe that you can. Like the words of an Indonesian businessman whom I idolize, Mr. Jerry Hermawan Lo, "the 5.000 km step will not happen if we don't start with the first step". And if you want to change yourself for a better version, change it now for yourself. Don't change yourself for someone else. Because you are yourself and someone else is someone else.

Good luck to all of us. Always keep the health protocol okay (5M). Keep the spirit and never give up! Keep on daring to dream as high as possible and chase your dreams! Thank you for reading to the end of my article.

-Love AV Putri.


Name : Ayudhya Viandra Putri

Class : 11th Grade

School : SMA Homeschooling Kak Seto Bintaro

Theme that I take : Mengapa Bahasa Inggris Jadi Modal di Masa Depanmu


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